I visited Peter Sutherland in 2020 en route to New York from Los Angeles. He had recently made the trek in the opposite direction, back to where he grew up. After twenty years in New York, during lockdown him and his family decided to leave the city and move to his native Colorado—resulting in a body of work brimming with nature, punctuated by hikes, camping, and fortuitous encounters. In the artist’s own words, “A lot of my work is autobiographical: I’ve used photography to document my own experiences—and being from Colorado, nature was always part of those experiences. Many New Yorkers see nature as a vacation space, but even after all those years there, I’ve never lost the sense of the city being the vacation spot, and nature being home.”

We took some of his collages out in the Arkansas River and to a lot behind his house.

Peter Sutherland (American, b. 1976) is an artist working across fine art and commissioned photography. His work has been exhibited in institutions and galleries worldwide, including the Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis; Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels; White Cube, London; Zabludowicz Collection, London.